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We are the premier mergers and acquisition advisors and valuation services firm to the construction materials industry, focused exclusively on the ready-mixed concrete, construction aggregates, concrete products, and asphalt industries. For the past 35 years, we have developed a special emphasis on representing the independently owned, middle-markets companies that play such a key role in the competitive landscape of construction materials. With over 80 years in combined experience and highly specialized, industry-specific skills, Allen-Villere Partners has a national reputation for excellence in its client representation.

Our Key Services Include

Mergers & Acquisitions
Especially our representation of Company owners in the sale of their businesses

Whether for banking, estate planning, partnership dissolution, minority shareholder buyouts, or any other reason, we can value your Company, or a business or operation your are thinking about buying

Even if business is better in this current economic recovery, we can help you with any latent problems you are experiencing with your bank or other lenders

Operational and Finance
In this difficult financial times, you may need a “fresh set of eyes” to evaluate the financial and operational issues facing your business.

Financing Services
We can help you find financing for that new plant or fleet additions, or help you overhaul your debt to make it more manageable

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Our Track Record

  • We have valued over 600 companies in this industry over the last 35 years
  • We have sold over 60 companies, with more than half sold in the last ten years
  • We have Client relationships in more than 40 states
  • We are completing deals, now that the economic recovery has taken hold

So What Can We Do For You?

  • We can sell your company, now that the recession is behind us and the industry has renewed interest in mergers and acquisitions
  • We can help you position your Company for sale at a later date
  • We can value your Company if you, or your bank, are wondering what it is worth
  • We can help restructure your Company’s operations, and your debt, if cash flow is still a problem
  • We can help you buy out a partner or minority shareholder so you can consolidate ownership in your hands, or those of your family